Part-Time Islamic Children’s Education
3 Sections (Weekday, Evenings & Weekends)

September to June

Many times when children arrive, they cannot articulate the Arabic letters and read the Qur`an correctly due to their mother tongue.

Our teachers and staff make sure they work with the students and parents to make sure their children get the best results.

Our part-time education offers several programs including a “Comprehensive Program” and a “Hifz Only” program available at different times.  This is a long running program that has demonstrated results such as a few of our students placing first in major Qira’at competitions.

We encourage you to enroll your children and our teachers and staff will do the rest, inshaAllah.

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Full-Time Homeschooling – KG to Gr12
September to June

This program is a full-time Islamic school = teaching both the Ontario curriculum with Qur’an & Islamic Studies. 
Seating is limited.

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Adult Brothers Part-Time

We have excellent curriculums to learn the Qur`an, Fiqh, Arabic Language and more…

Al-Farooq Institute semesters:

  • January to April
  • May to August
  • September to December

Full-Time Sisters Shari’ah Diploma Program

Students will study 31 courses over a 36-month period taught by our staff of experienced and highly-qualified instructors. Learning will be based on the curriculum’s of the renowned Islamic Universities in the world.

Youth Part-Time Shari’ah Diploma Program
September to June

This program is designed with the Youth in mind.

We have excellent curriculums to learn the Qur`an with Tajweed, Tafsir, Arabic Language, and more…

If you have any questions about any of the programs or need registration information, please call us at 905-858-7586 ext22, inshaAllah.