Our Winter Semester starts next, insha Allah.

  • Brothers Part-Time Program (Click here for courses and timings)
  • Sisters Full-Time Program
  • Youth Part-Time Program


Masjid al-Farooq has organized its adult courses into an institute/college-like system. Some highlights:

  • All courses (including all available levels) will be offered every semester inshaAllah
  • 3 semesters per year
  • Each semester – 4 months (16 weeks) Part-Time studies
  • Fees have been reduced for some courses
  • Progress through levels via integrated courses

For additional information, please see the part-time pamphletschedule and the full-time pamphlet for the upcoming semester starting in September. This is an initial offering of courses and we will be expanding the program shortly inshaAllah.

Registration starts immediately, download the appropriate registration form below:

Please email us at admin@masjidfarooq.com for more information.